My 2017 Networking Wishes

Like many of you I’ve been attending holiday parties and end-of-year networking activities. I’ve experienced the good, the bad and the truly ugly. Based on my personal experiences here is what I wish for the New Year for you, for me and for all of the networkers out there simply trying to make substantive contacts and build relationships:

I wish that:

  1. You don’t thrust your card at me and say “if you ever meet anyone that needs a (fill in the business) please give me a call.” Call me crazy but I think we must get to know one another BEFORE I make introductions for you!
  2. During our one-to-one meetings you take the time to learn about me and my business instead of just talking about yourself and how I can help you. I need help too.
  3. You remember how important it is to be a giver and reciprocate by making introductions.
  4. You are sensitive to other people’s sensibilities and feelings and gentle with your feedback.
  5. You don’t sign up for everything and attend almost nothing thereby taking away a seat from someone else.
  6. Your idea of “reaching out” doesn’t mean trying to hard sell those that you touch.
  7. You stay on the grid in a meaningful and value-added manner. You’ll win more business that way for sure.
  8. You are patient and understand that successful networking requires time.
  9. You don’t over promise and under deliver. Networkers have long memories.
  10. When you have a problem or complaint you try to work it out with the individual, air your issues and see if you can move past them.

I want 2017 to be a banner networking year for all of us and I’m formulating some new ideas. I’d love suggestions too. Reach out to me if you want to brainstorm.

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