Momma Knows Best. “Thank You Does Work!”

Lisa Chalker of Family Affair Distributing really nailed it with this newsletter article.  It sure applies to networking, don’t ya think?

Here it is:

How many of us grew up with our mothers continually reminding us to say, “thank you.”

Because of our Mothers (and Fathers too), thank you was a refrain that played through our minds as we went about the not-so-simple business of growing up. Thank you for big things and thank you for small. It didn’t much matter. Thank you was obligatory.

That hardwired thank you became less pronounced as we grew to adulthood and before too long, the instinctive thank you response was, well, not so instinctive.  Sure we still say thanks but with much less frequency and perhaps with less meaning too.

And so here we are. Adults with companies and responsibilities, co-workers, staff and clients and the day-to-day management of people, projects and programs.

And here’s where Mom’s words should resonate loud and clear.

  • Thank you for a job well done.
  •  Thank you for being an amazing client.
  • Thank you for hanging in there with us when the company was going through problems.
  • Thanks you for so many years of dedicated work.
  •  Thank you for coming to work in the bad snowstorm.
  • Thank you for helping me out and coming to work on the weekend.
  • Thank you for helping me to complete the proposal.
  • Thank you for that awesome lead.
  • Thank you.
  • Thank you.
  •  Thank you.

What happens when you get an unexpected thank you? You know, right?  You smile. You feel good. You feel special.

It’s a fundamental human need to feel appreciated and respected and a simple thank you can accomplish just that.

  •  A customized gift basket chocked full of goodies.
  • A thank you gift that is useful and delights the recipient.

And so WIFY (what’s in it for you)?

  1. You stay visible and recognized as a gracious and thoughtful individual
  2. You cement your brand in a creative and generous manner.
  3. You become known as a person that shows appreciation and caring in a thoughtful manner

 And in the not-so-long run, you and your business can reap the rewards internally (employee recognition) and externally (increased clients).

Like we keep saying, Mama knows best!



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