Marketing Boot Camp on July 8th

joanneaJoanne Meurer of ID Concepts will be presenting her Marketing Boot Camp during the virtual networking call on July 8, 2009. During the call participants will learn about these marketing issues:

º Is your marketing material providing you a selling advantage?
º Does your logo or identity portray an accurate reflection of who you are?
º Are you presenting your image to a prospect  in a clear and concise way?
º When was the last time you reviewed your selling tools?
º How do you know when it’s time to develop something new?
º How do you decide what you really need?

These are questions which every small business or professional practice has asked at one time or another. They are not easy questions to answer. There are many decisions to be made when it comes to the type of material you can and should use when working with your prospects or leads. There is no one solution that works for every business. We will talk about the thought process that goes into making some of those decisions. We will also discuss how to tie all of these marketing pieces together to formulate one effective solution.

REGISTER NOW for the July 8th, 2009 virtual networking call. This networking call is available to both members and non-members.

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