Make Way to Networking Success in Just 10 Minutes A Day

The Beatles sung about 8 days per week but I’m thinking more like 10 minutes per day (Mmmm, maybe I should write a song?!)

No really, just 10 minutes a day can make your networking time much more beneficial (aka generate results).

Ya see, many of us go to events and meetings, exchange cards, shake hands and do all the “right” things to do at the meetings and / or events. What we don’t do consistently, exquisitely and with the recognition that if you do THIS you will get results in spades, is continue to reach out and connect.

And in a world cluttered with email and text messages and in which a phone call is becoming a thing of the past, I encourage you to make networking phone calls, yes, 10 minutes per day.

Do the math.

You’ll probably leave about 5 voice mail messages. They take about 30 seconds each and they get your voice and message into the ear of your contact. It’s not a bad thing; not as good as speaking to the person, of course, but not so bad either.

Now the rest of the time can be spent in one or two conversations in which you exchange information about upcoming events, people that you feel would be good connections, news or queries about their industry…you get the gist. Controlled conversation that doesn’t spiral for too long but which leads to:

  • A face-to-face appointment
  • A cyber introduction
  • A memory jog so that you both “remember” each other as you move forward with possible business opportunities
  • An enhanced business relationship

And that’s what it’s all about. The conversations can be (to use an old cliche) short and sweet but still accomplish what you need to accomplish. And if they go on for much longer? Well, that’s okay as long as you feel that they are purposeful and relevant.

So look at your schedule right now and find 10 minutes, yes just 10 minutes, in which you can make calls and start getting some additional payback from the time and money that you’ve been spending on networking.

Hey, why don’t you call me?

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