I’m Gonna Make You Love Me

I’m Gonna Make You Love Me

Wouldn’t it be just so super if it were that easy? But of course we know that it’s not easy to:

  • Earn trust
  • Earn respect
  • Be referable
  • Be a trusted resource

Nope, it’s not that easy at all. It takes time and energy, patience and persistence to be successful at networking, to receive introduction and connections from your circle of networking contacts.

I know for I’ve been at it 25+ years and it still requires attention and yes, work.

Here’s what I do and what works too:

  • Pay rigorous attention to following up with your networking contacts. Out of sight means out of mind. Stay visible.
  • Add value to the relationship and share introductions, invitations and information with your networking contacts. Don’t allow yourself to become banal and an insignificant contact.
  • Get out of your comfort zone and attend new events and make new connections. Don’t continue to swim in the same networking pool.
  • Make certain to exceed expectations and not simply meet them.
  • Don’t gossip and be untrustworthy.

Don’t these all seem like common sense? Sure they do but take a moment to consider each one and think about how you execute on each point. Need to improve just a wee bit?

If you do all of these things exquisitely you’ll find that your networking connections are raving fans and you’ve helped to make them so.


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