If You Want Someone To Listen To You, Make Them Laugh First


Comedy breaks down barriers and helps establish trusting relationships quicker.  Tim Davis, who has coached top comedians that have appeared on Leno, Letterman and Comedy Central will be speaking on Adrian Miller’s Virtual Networking Calls.   He will demonstrate how a joke is told by using timing, intensity of reaction and riffing. This skills can also be used for business and sales presentations.

Please join us Wednesday May 13 from Noon to 1 PM. Register Now

Using Comedy to Build Business, Relationships and Close Sales

If you are selling a high-end product to a sophisticated buyer, chances are your prospects have built an immunity to old presentations, closings and cold-calling strategies. That’s why Tim Davis’ approach combining comedy with behavioral communications can make all the difference.

Tim has coached top comedians who have appeared on Leno, Letterman and Comedy Central. Stand-up and sales have much in common. It’s getting people to listen, to remember, and most important, to buy. The ultimate skill is getting the right reaction and knowing how to communicate between Generations X and Y and Boomers.

Tim is a certified behavioral analyst in DISC. He is a funny speaker who can deliver a great keynote, seminar or breakout session. Clients include Sony, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield and Capital One Bank.