Ideas to Create Your Own Virtual Water-Cool Moments

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TODAY’S IDEA: Ideas to Create Your Own Virtual Water-Cooler Moments
— From Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Relationships in a Hyper-Connected World by J. Kelly Hoey.
Networking guru J. Kelly Hoey is a specialist in forging strong bonds whether in person or virtual, for mutual benefit. After all, that is the essence of her book Build Your Dream Network, where she details the wonderful benefits and experiences that having a strong and nurtured network can provide.

One of the ways to make this happen is to create serendipitous encounters. Hoey points to Tina Roth Eisenhower, the famous Swiss-Miss blogger and entrepreneur as a master at that. She created a coworking space called Friends Work Here and designed it in such a way that it leads to water-cooler* moments: “circumstances where conversations can lead to magical results.” And some of this magic has led Eisenhower to launch several of her businesses, so there are indeed tangible results to serendipity in your own network if you decide to take action.

But what if you don’t have a proverbial water cooler around which to gather? Hoey says, “Social networking platforms are where you seek those relationship building, water-cooler moments. Water-cooler moments can happen on Slack or during a Twitter chat or from upvoting a product a Product Hunt.”
Hoey suggests aiming to “create multiple touch points when creating your own water-cooler moments.” And she gives us a menu of ideas to consider:

If the person is an influencer, follow their posts on LinkedIn

Sign up for their newsletter

Write an Amazon review for their book

Read and comment on their blog posts

Subscribe to and spread the word about their podcasts—and rate their podcasts on iTunes

Share their content, whether by forwarding the insights to your friends via e-mail (or Facebook updates) or a post on LinkedIn or even simply a tweet or retweet.

Remember to use their #hashtag

Participate in a Twitter party they’re hosting (or Q&A session hosted on the platform)

Engage in their event(s) or meetups via Periscope or watch the livestream (many TEDx events do this)—and while you’re virtually participating in the event share your insights on another platform (such as Twitter)

Also, how can you create water-cooler moments if you travel a lot?
Hoey points to Andrew Grill, Futurist Keynote Speaker and former IBM Global Managing Partner, who “creates not-entirely-left-to-chance interactions every time he travels—he refers to it as #SocialSerendipity. [Grill] makes it a point of mentioning where he is going, when he’s arrived, and where he’s staying (as well as looking for these cues from others in his global network).”
I’ve followed entrepreneur and author Peter Shankman for years, and he used to do a similar thing: he’d tell his network where he was traveling to and where he’d be at a certain time, say the lobby of the hotel he was staying at, and invite anyone to come have coffee and chat with him during that time. Brilliant!
So there you have it. Now go put these ideas into action and let the magic of serendipity stem out of these water-cooler moments.
TODAY: Take action on one of the ideas above to create a water-cooler moment.

FUTURE: Figure out which of the ideas above work best for you (or come up with some that do) and make it a habit of creating the conditions for serendipity to take place.
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