How to Make 5 Networking Introductions Per Day

Think making 5 networking introductions per day is difficult?  Not so.

Most people do their networking by simply “waiting” for one of their contacts to ask them for an introduction or referral (“hey Adrian, do you happen to know a web designer / financial advisor / printer / IT consultant”….you get it, fill in the blank).

And sure that situation DOES happen but it happens less frequently than I would want and so making “proactive” introductions is the solution that enables me to make a minimum of 5 introductions per day just about every day.

So, how does it work? Well, I have a pretty robust database filled with clients, prospects, networking contacts, folks that I have met at events, meetings and so forth.  Many of these individuals can be excellent referral sources for each other since they are basically working with the same types of people BUT in different areas.  With that being said, they can probably help each other with introductions to potential clients and even more referral sources. And since there is no conflict of interest, they should (and always are) happy to help each other.

Cyber introductions are the way to go. They are efficient and effective and can be accomplished in a minimal amount of time. You can copy and paste links to the individual’s websites, Linkedin profiles and provide a little bit of personal context and you’re good to go.  Takes just a few minutes.

So why not start today, right now if possible.

Think of 10 people, throw them in a pot, see how the synergies fall and start making those proactive introductions.  Trust me….it works.


(PS  It goes without saying that you need to know and trust the people that you are putting together. But once again, this is an introduction, not a demand that they work together. You’re facilitating a conversation, nothing more, nothing less.)


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