How to Introduce Yourself at a Networking Meeting…Or Not

There are tons of articles that talk about how to introduce yourself at a networking meeting however I think I might be able to bring a different perspective to the subject.

Here’s why:

  • I run a networking group of over 400 people and during the 9 years the group has been in existence I have listened to literally thousands of introductions.
  • I launched my other business (Adrian Miller Sales Training) 30 years ago and have grown it through my own networking endeavors.
  • I’m a sales trainer and am very attuned to people’s facial expressions and body language and observe both very keenly when people are doing their intros.
  •  I understand the basic sales techniques that must be deployed when making an introduction.

Let’s begin with what doesn’t work:

  • Speaking in a monotone and voice devoid of energy enthusiasm and passion
  • Going into too much detail about what you do
  • Speaking primarily about accomplishments that are 5, 10 and even 15 years old
  • Making it sound like you do “everything”
  • Providing your email or web addresses in your introduction
  • Being too vague and confusing (Ask yourself – will people “get it?”!)

Here’s what will get you noticed and prompt people to want to reach out and speak with you in more detail:

  • Speak your introduction with power and persuasiveness. Smile and be friendly
  • Provide your name and your company name
  • Give one or two lines about what you do for your clients (ex. I help my clients’ to________ or My clients tell me that I’ve been able to help them to ____________ HINT-you want to provide information that makes people see YOU as a “solutions-provider”)
  • Provide information about who is in your sweet spot (clients, referral sources) and be as specific as possible
  • If possible, include a call to action and help people understand how they can help you!

And that’s it!

Short and sweet. I guarantee that you will get better results from your networking endeavors once you create a compelling and persuasive networking introduction.

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