How Do You Handle Your Networking Introductions?

People have different networking styles. Some folks are very proactive and make lots of introductions because they see how the connection will benefit both parties. Some folks tend to be more reactive waiting for people to ask for an introduction to a specific category of person. Both work…okay proactive works better but at the end of the day when the goal is to help people both can work.

And then there are differences in how people want to be involved once the introduction is made. Some folks want to stay in the loop throughout the entire email exchange and subsequent meeting. I imagine these people don’t get as much email as some other folks might get and / or maybe they feel a strong sense of ownership about the budding relationship. In any case they want to be involved.

Others, more like me I suppose, are not much interested in being on any lengthy email threads between the two people that were introduced. Once the introduction is made I am happy to let it go until such time a there is a n important event. 

These can include:

  •  The people that I introduced meet or speak and it is a match made in heaven. (I want to feel happy that I was able to put these folks together.)
  • The people meet or speak and there is a true disconnect. (I need to know so I don’t let it happen again.)
  • The people meet or speak and things move ahead swimmingly and a proposal or quote for work is provided. (This is a wow moment and sure, I want to feel the love too!)
  • They do business together. (I have to know because it is downright awkward to not be knowledgeable about the business relationship that I have birthed.)

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not looking for commission or any sort of gift BUT I am looking to stay in the loop so that when and if I speak with one or both parties I am on top of my referral game.

And that brings me to another component in networking and that is RECOGNITION!

For instance, when I make a contact and it all goes well I really want to know about it.

I want to feel good about the role that I played in making things happen and I want to be thanked for making the connection. No transfer of money, no gift, just a simple thanks.  Is that wrong?

I work incredibly hard at making introductions and don’t want to think that my attempts are taken for granted. I know that I am not alone as others have shared with me their “issues” with people in their networking circles not saying a simple “thank you.”

Get my point. How do you handle your networking intros? Is “thank you” part of your brand?