Givers Get. Maybe Not.

So here you are making introductions with great frequency always trying to make connections for your fellow networkers.

You’ve been successful and for several people you’ve done multiple introductions all of which were acknowledged as being very beneficial. (Yay, a thank you is certainly good.)

You probably feel great because helping someone grow their business is pretty darn great.

But at some point you start to feel some discomfort because the reciprocity just isn’t there.

Does this sound familiar? Many fellow networkers have expressed these sentiments to me; heck, I’ve felt them myself.

In some cases you’ve come right out and asked for introductions, in other situations you’ve simply counted on your networking contacts to get the reciprocity bug too.

Alas, there’s been nothing forthcoming and perhaps you are wondering what to do.

You have some options:

• Forget reciprocity and if you feel the networking contact is a good resource you continue to make introductions for them.

• Be very outspoken and make it quite clear that you’d like introductions too. In this case being subtle isn’t going to work.

• Start to introduce other people that do the same work and do it equally as well. (Perhaps he or she might “see the light” when your introductions “dry up.”)

It’s uncomfortable when networking is one sided and it’s just a matter of time until the relationship will trail off.

If you’re on the receiving end beware of the possible repercussions of not being reciprocal. It’s a much better strategy to give as well as get.

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