Getting to Know You


Isn’t Getting to Know You a great song? I recently saw The King and I and found myself humming along and smiling as soon as Kelli O’Hara started to sing this tune.

It’s a darn nice sentiment!

Getting to know you

Getting to know all about you
Getting to like you
Getting to hope you like me

It also seems like a good sentiment, well, perfect actually, for folks that play in the networking sandbox.

Getting to know you is fundamental to networking because it leads to the mutual trust and respect that are required to make introductions.

But we all know that getting to know you isn’t always the case. There are always “those” people that seem to be extremely impatient and hell bent on getting introductions and connections before a level of confidence can be built up. Those that haven’t taken the time to get to know you and haven’t afforded you the time for you to get to know them either.

So take some time. Get to know your fellow networkers and maybe even get to like them too. The time you invest will be paid back in spades.

You might be singing the song as well.