Your Registration Profile

To speed up the event registration process, members should complete their online Registration Profile. This profile is used ONLY for event registration and should not be confused with your online profile (the profile that is viewed through the members’ directory). By completing the Registration Profile event registration becomes a five-second process of logging in, selecting the event you want to register for, then clicking on Submit.

Completing Your Registration Profile

Step 1: Log Into Your Account

Step 2: Go to Your Account

Step 3: Scroll Down to the “Registration Profile” Section

Complete the information in the registration profile. You can come back at any time to edit this information if needed.

Register for An Event

When you want to register for an event, you should first log into the site (see Steps 1 above). Then go to the registration page and click on one of the links. When the registration form appears, the information you provided in the Registration Profile section will AUTOMATICALLY appear in the online registration form. (See below)