Email Etiquette – Using the Adrian’s Network Listserv Simple Email rules for using the listserv:
  • Remember that you are speaking to 180+ people and not everyone wants to know how you “feel.”
  • Is your email informative, beneficial, add value…this is SALES, baby!
  • Emails about OPPORTUNITIES for members . . . jobs! projects, events, not-for-profit endeavors, speaking gigs, discounts
  • Emails with links to articles and videos that are of interest to us in a business/professional nature
  • Emails with requests for help are okay,  requests for assistance in locating a resource
  • Emails that are a lively and terrific shout-out of thanks to a member etc.
  • Emails that touch on politics or religion or or sex (This includes links to articles, videos or photos that are on YouTube, etc.)
Final Note:
  • If you have anything to say to an INDIVIDUAL member send that email to them and NOT to the entire group.
  • Think twice before sending something questionable in nature to the entire listserv or just send to me and I promise to be responsive.
  • Keep it POSITIVE!
  • We are here to help and be supportive of one another