Don’t Bother Networking

It’s an all too frequent tale. You go to a networking meeting (or event), engage in conversations and then make it a point to reach out after the meeting to follow-up and get to know the other person (akk fellow networker) a bit better. And so you email and then you call and then…nothing. Not a reply to either overture.

What the heck is that about?

Why bother attending meetings and events if you are not going to make it a point to engage in the necessary follow-up that will lead to:

  • More information about the other person’s deliverables
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Appreciation
  • Uncovering of possible synergies
  • “REAL” business

It sure as heck isn’t going to happen sitting around a conference room table or standing in an event space holding a cocktail. That’s a sound bite that leads to the conversation that leads to the relationship….you get the idea.

But nothing happens at all if you aren’t open and receptive to those follow-up conversations.

Think that the other person has nothing to offer you? Think again. As a sales trainer I have made substantive introductions for real estate brokers, lawyers, CPAs, financial advisors, marketing professionals, etc…a very disparate group and none of them would have really thought of me as a “natural conduit/referral source” to business (except for perhaps the marketing folks).

But ya know what. I have ears for listening, am fearless about making proactive introductions and know that I have nothing to lose IF I know and trust the people that I am introducing to one another.

So think you shouldn’t meet with someone and hence ignore their outreach. As I said, think again.

That person you’re ignoring just might be the best referral source you have ever met.

Follow-up is the key to networking success. Email me with your networking questions:

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