Do You Sound Like You Know What You Are Doing?

Okay, I know that I’m not a presentation consultant, media trainer or speech coach but I do know what turns me on and turns me off when listening to people do a presentation or make their introductions at networking meetings.

How do YOU sound?

Energy. Does your voice radiate enthusiasm and energy and do you sound truly excited and passionate about what you do?

Pauses. Do you utilize pauses in the appropriate spots or do you ramble on in an almost incoherent manner losing attention every step of the way?

Inflection. Do you vary your inflection so you don’t turn people off with your monotone?

Rate of Speed. Do you speak at the appropriate rate of speed so that people are able to follow what you are saying or do you lose them by rushing from one thought to another?

Verbiage. Are you using the right words?  Do you lead with statements that get attention or do you start off by mentioning things that are truly inconsequential?

It’s all about HOW YOU SOUND and WHAT YOU SAY. Remember that you have one chance to make a great first impression.

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