Do You Have Networking Cred?

Wow, it’s getting more and more cluttered out there in the networking world. Meetings happening morning, noon and night, cyber intros being sent around regularly and contacts and connections being requested and often shared.

Lots of networking and not all good.

Do you have networking “cred?”


In order to be a great networker you have to CARE about the people that you are connecting and care that the introduction will be beneficial for both parties involved. A CARING networker takes the time to connect the dots and explain why they think the connection will be valuable.


A great networker is looking to build relationships and to not simply have “one-off” conversations. They understand that before you can give someone a lead or make a connection you need to have a relationship that involves trust and respect.


While not all referral sources are “created equal,” it’s incredibly important that networkers not jump to conclusions about a person’s “worthiness” and assume that they can’t be valuable. A great networker takes the time to know the people they meet and not categorize them before understand their business.


Networking takes time and energy and the people that derive the most their networking efforts are DETERMINED to make it work. They are in it for the long haul and invest in follow-up and follow-through and don’t simply fall off the grid before recognizing any ROI.

How about you? How’s your CRED?

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