Do You Give As Good As You Get?

It’s a well-known fact that in networking some folks are better givers than others.

You know what I mean, right. You have those networking contacts that always seem to be reaching out and thinking about you (and others), making introductions and generally helping you with information and contacts.

And you have those contacts that regardless of how many times you reach out to them, how many introductions you make and how much help you provide, there is little, if anything that is sent your way in return.

Now I know that some people have difficulty making introductions to their clients and there are many valid reasons for this. That should be no problem at all because introductions to clients are not the only way that a person can reciprocate and be of assistance.

Introductions to other good networkers, introductions to terrific referral sources, introductions to great resources, these are all incredibly beneficial.  But some people, well, they don’t even do that.

Yep, the moniker “taker” fits the bill and in some situations, these folks don’t even know that this is their “brand.”

Rest assured, it might take awhile, but people catch on and then there is not so much taking to be done. The introductions dry up and leads aren’t forthcoming.

So analyze your own situation.  Do you give as well as receive?  Do you make a point of thinking about the people that are generous to you and give back to them in some way or another?

What’s your networking brand? Do YOU give as good as you get?

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