Developing Adrian’s Network is a Whole Lot Like Raising My Kids

I have two adult sons. They’re totally great and I have enjoyed every step of the parenting journey. From infanthood through toddler and into the dreaded adolescence it’s been, if not a piece of cake, well then, an experience that has been exhilarating and rewarding.

My parenting philosophy was (is) pretty simple and in the pre Internet world in which I actively parented we all pretty much flew by the seat of our pants (and by the advice of friends and family). There were no parenting blogs to muddy our minds and Dr. Spock was pretty much the go-to resource.

I quickly learned that my own “style” was high touch, low pressure and I was there for my kids as much as I could, diving in with all my heart and attention. I was conscious of providing them with a safe and secure place to grow and succeed but there was not much pressure except for the pressure that came from within themselves.  It was THEIR grades, THEIR team, THEIR activities. I nurtured and supported but that was about it.

As while the analogy might seem to be far-fetched, birthing and growing Adrian’s Network has been quite similar.

I’m here to nurture, help and motivate and I’ll give members my “all” but then it’s up to the individuals. No pressure on my part, no interrogation on who made introductions this week, no fines if members don’t show up, no pressure except the pressure members put on themselves to make their networking play an important role in their own business development.

And so far it’s been working out pretty well. Lots of introductions and contacts, leads and business have been transacted. High touch, low pressure with enough support and attention to make it all come together but with the understanding that everyone has to take responsibility for their own successes. Or not. Remember, no pressure.




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