Booked Business and Networking

Yesterday I learned that one of my networking contacts got a piece of new business through an introduction that I had made.

Awesome. Fantastic. That’s what it is all about, right?

Sure thing but here’s the issue – I didn’t know that they had won the business. Now you may be thinking “why is that such a big deal” and on the surface maybe it is not but think just a wee bit more:

  • My contact was amazed that I didn’t know they were working with my fellow networker, leaving them a tad skeptical and me feeling stupid.
  • My fellow networker did not extend any sort of networking courtesy (a simply “thank you” would suffice) and when I mentioned that I heard they were working with said contact they replied “oh yes.”
  • And although I am not a quid pro quo sort of person, my fellow networker did not approach me and query how they might be able to make some introductions for me as well.

How about you? Do you keep your networking referral sources in the loop? Do you show appreciation for referrals? Do you really embrace the concept that networking is a two-way street?

I sure hope so.





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