Back to School, Back to Networking

I’m starting to see all of those “back to school” ads. You know, the kind for school supplies (Staples) and clothes (J.C. Penney) and I’m starting to feel just a tad bad about not having some kids in the house for whom the beginning of Sept. signifies something big.

How about this?  Let’s make the beginning of September “back to networking” time. We can all buy promotional products and new clothes for those lunch and dinner meetings and make new friends and, well, you get the idea.

Far-fetched? Perhaps, but it seems to me that when we have a specific “start-date” we gear up, get ready and simply show up. Now I know networking in the summer is still taking place. Heck if you just take a peek at the calendar on this very site you’ll see what I mean. No, I’m not referring to networking per se but perhaps to getting back into the swing of things in business.

  • Back to prospecting
  • Back to marketing
  • Back to PR
  • Back to trade shows

It’s not quite August and I hate to rush the season but I’m ready. Ready for new clients, ready for more speaking gigs and just ready for the business of business to take off.


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