What We Do

Adrian’s Network is an immensely successful business networking community that truly enables you to network YOUR WAY! The group meets 8-10 times per month and combines highly facilitated business networking phone calls with monthly in-person breakfast, lunch and cocktail events. (Check out our schedule at “Networking Schedule“)

With our Freestyle Networking model, members can participate as much or as little as they want and the networking doesn’t stop there. A’s Net has a very active listserv by which members communicate with each other and share contacts, connections and leads, and if that doesn’t sound like enough, every member gets a full page on the website where they can provide their business profile, links to videos and more. This searchable “roster” is a virtual treasure trove and members utilize it in their ongoing prospecting and connecting efforts.  A’s Net’s Freestyle Networking is truly “networking for grownups.”

Adrian’s Network gives you the most networking value for your dollar, bar none! We guarantee it.

In the words of one of our members:

I’ve been a member about a year now. I’m currently downloading and editing the second job I’ve photographed this month as a direct result of being a member of Adrian’s Network. These two jobs will give me at least a 12x ROI on the yearly membership cost. Both came from relationships I made at A-Net lunches.

I’ve found A-Net members to be responsive, professional, and value-added. Through A-Net I’ve probably begun and developed between 15-25 solid relationships (roughly 50-60% directly started by Adrian!), and look forward to doubling that number in my next year of membership.

So this note functions as a direct testimonial but also a quick update as to my successes in A-Net. New or old members, feel free to contact me directly to get the further details in the story of how I got the work and/or built the relationships.

Thanks to Adrian, this network and its members.

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