How To Give A’s Net A Try

It’s easy!  Simply click on the link that says “Networking Schedule” and select up to 2 different activities that fit into your schedule. Register for one or both and it’s done.  We know that schedules do change and if for some reason your calendar no longer allows you to participate on the date/s that you selected, simply select one or two others that fit into your schedule.  Once you decide that A’s Net is for you (and we’re certain that you will), becoming a member is just as easy. Click on the Become a Member link and follow the simple instructions. Once you become a member you can participate in everything that’s going on, have full access to all of the members PLUS your profile and information will be posted on our website.

In the words of one of our members:

“Adrian’s network is a gold mine! Since joining, I have met potential clients, business partners with whom I am actively developing new business, and vendors who have provided me with valuable services. What’s different about Adrian is that she really knows the people in her network, and she takes the initiative to introduce me to the right people.”

Dov Weinstock, President, Advantage Internet Marketing