3 Things to Do Right Now to Make Your Networking More Fruitful

Are you getting the results that you want from your networking efforts? If you find that your ROT (return on time) isn’t what you want try taking these actions and see if you can improve your results.

Make some proactive introductions to contacts in your networking database. Networking is a “contact sport.” If you aren’t being proactive and putting people together because of “perceived business synergies” then the chances are very likely you aren’t receiving proactive introductions as well. That old cliche “what comes around goes around” is very true in this situation. Being proactive creates opportunities.

Create a Power Partner networking team. You will get your best results from networking if you go about it very strategically. Putting together a curated “team” of fellow networkers with whom you can share contacts and introductions on a frequent and proactive basis can be very beneficial. The best team can be comprised of individuals in very synergistic businesses or simply a group of people that are truly “GREAT” networkers and “get it.”

Review where and with whom you are networking. You might be following the “ya never know” style of networking and unfortunately, in many circumstances, you DO know. You must be very attentive to where you network and with whom and always quantify the results. Not every group or event is good for everyone. Be incredibly careful with your time and you might very well find that you are getting better results even when you are attending fewer events. The key difference is going to the right things!

And of course, the time to start doing these things is now. 4th quarter is rolling closer and if networking is expected to play a part in your 2015 sales results you need to put your plan into action.

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