10 Reasons eSlide Loves Professional PowerPoint Presentations

I am reposting this because I think it is spot on. Kudos to eSlide!


eSlide loves PPTThe design experts at eSlide have been using PowerPoint for more than 20 years and there’s a reason why. Actually, there are many reasons we love professional PowerPoint presentations, but here are our top 10:

1. The Language of Business

Most people in business use PowerPoint to communicate. Many of our Fortune 500 clients say that if you have an important idea or initiative, it needs to have a corresponding PowerPoint to be taken seriously. PowerPoint is even eclipsing Word documents or whitepapers as the winning platform for corporate communications. It allows information to be communicated in a faster and more efficient manner than traditional text heavy documents due to its ability to effectively combine detailed text information with explanatory visuals.

2. Universal Accessibility

Many sources from Bloomberg to the HBR estimate that PowerPoint is installed on more than one billion computers worldwide – both Mac and PC. There are even versions available for mobile platforms like iOS and Android. So by distributing your content in PowerPoint, you’re ensuring that it’s readable and useable by the largest possible audience.

3. The Easiest Video Editor

Video is an important tool in the current social media landscape. Professional PowerPoint presentations can be turned into video quickly and easily, giving you the ability to use your presentation on your company’s website or social media channels. Creating video from PowerPoint is as easy as doing a “save as” and selecting a video format as the file type. Learn more directly from Microsoft.

4. Huge Content ROI

In addition to video, professional PowerPoint presentations can be converted into a variety of other formats, including PDFs, Kiosk shows, Flash animations, and more. Its ability to convert to different formats is one of the big reasons we love it – because it means excellent ROI. All of the effort put into the creation process will pay off again and again.

5. The Great Complier

PowerPoint is a great tool for combining many different types of information. If you have sales data, written client testimonials, demonstration videos or product images, PowerPoint can accept them all and integrate them into a single electronic document. By bringing your information together and wrapping it in a single PowerPoint file, it becomes easy to use and easy to communicate.

6. Perfect for Storytelling

The best way to engage an audience is by telling a story – even if that story is about end-of-year sales targets. Telling a story enables you to connect with your audience by engaging their intellects and their emotions. PowerPoint’s outline and slide sorter features are excellent tools for helping you create a narrative, with a beginning, middle and end.

7. Your Greatest Hits

Slides from professional PowerPoint presentations can be used again and again. Keep your most successful and best received slides in a “greatest hits deck” and use these as models for future presentations. Recycling and repurposing good content and winning ways of displaying it saves time and effort on each new presentation. Share these greatest hits across your team or organization to really power up your presentations.

8. So Very Versatile

PowerPoint offers ready-made templates if you want them, but it doesn’t require that you use them. You can just as easily create a look that is tailor-made to fit your company image or brand exclusively. eSlide specializes in creating visually impressive, easy-to-use templates that give your content the impact it needs to get results. Learn more about our services.

9. Makes Presenting Easy(er)

Public speaking is not most people’s idea of a good time. Yes, there are a few people who really love it, but for most it tops the list of our greatest fears. A professional PowerPoint presentation lessens the pain of presenting by effectively sharing the burden of being on stage. Good slides are truly “visual aids” because they help guide the flow of a speech, and take some pressure off the presenter. At eSlide we don’t recommend reading from your slides, but when used appropriately they can function as a lifeline to help you remember key points and critical information, so you feel more comfortable on stage.

10. It’s Not PowerPoint’s Fault

PowerPoint often gets a bashing in the blogosphere, but we think that is undeserved. After all, PowerPoint is just a tool – it can be used to make presentations that wow as well as those that send an audience to sleep. If your professional PowerPoint presentation doesn’t get you the results you were aiming for, the hard truth is – it’s not PowerPoint’s fault. But help is at hand. eSlide’s design experts have been loving PowerPoint for more than 20 years and we’d be happy to show you how to get the most from it. Visit us online to learn about how we can help!

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